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Sword-billed Hummingbird - Ecuador - Nov


Birding Adventures

Bird-based Ecotourism That Gives Back Through Supporting Community Conservation

Travel with Alight Tours to hotspots of avian diversity in search of the world's most iconic bird species, while also supporting conservation. Conservation is at the heart of every Alight Tours trip with itineraries that focus on supporting protected areas and the communities that surround them, promoting the value of habitat preservation and protection of wildlife for future generations.

ALIGHT - definition

a·light / əˈlīt / uh-lahyt

verb: (of a bird) descend from the air and settle, "the bird alighted onto a branch".


Why Alight Tours

Alight tours immerses trip participants in some of the most breathtaking locations the natural world has to offer. Places like the cloud forests of Costa Rica, the páramo of Colombia and the rainforests of Ghana.

However, international travel to experience these amazing wild places comes at a cost to the environment. At Alight Tours we recognize this and are working to find ways to give back. Our bird-based ecotourism weaves conservation, community engagement, and science throughout each trip. We expose our groups to local conservation issues and the measures being used to alleviate pressures. We provide opportunities for our groups to learn about indigenous cultures and customs from local communities. And we engage with local researchers to better understand how their work is aiding conservation efforts.

We support in-country ecotourism by only using local travel partners, local guides, and locally-owned (preferably woman-owned) transport companies, hotels and lodges, restaurants, and vendors. Our trips provide guide training opportunities, increases the demand for high quality lodging and staff; ultimately demonstrating that birds mean business. Alight Tours also supports local conservation efforts with financial donations, and small communities with sports equipment and school supplies. All of these actions support the development of communities through alternative and sustainable livelihoods.

What Makes Alight Tours Different?


All itineraries focus on birds, but include other charismatic wildlife. Trips are led by highly-trained, knowledgeable, in-country guides, and where possible, utilize local, and women-owned food and lodging establishments.


Wildlife appreciation, understanding, and protection are at the heart of every trip. Groups will visit important protected areas, private nature reserves and other wild lands that are managed using "bird-friendly" practices. Every trip will include opportunities to learn about local conservation and research activities that ensure the future of wildlife and the habitats they require. 


Financial support through ecotourism is beneficial to local economies, and by extension, neighboring wild spaces. Direct financial support of local conservation and community development non-profit organisations increases the positive impact of our visits. Alight Tours is committed to supporting worthwhile conservation efforts in the countries it visits and donates a minimum of 3% of all profits to local non-profit activities to ensure their vital work continues.

Leaf-cutter Ants - Colombia


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